watching US moves on Keystone XL

Jennifer A. Dlouhy produced a column which supports my instinct that the U.S. will suffer along with, if not more than, Canada if Keystone XL isn’t completed.

German CEO: The world is watching US moves on Keystone XL

WASHINGTON — Business leaders around the world are watching to see what the United States does with the Keystone XL pipeline, the CEO of engineering giant Siemens said Friday.

…Siemens AG CEO Joe Kaeser said that if the U.S. government ultimately rejects the project, it would be like “stopping halfway” — harvesting North American energy resources but failing to transport them to market.

“It doesn’t do any good to have the greatest opportunity in the world to produce cheap, (reliable and sustainable) energy if you stop halfway through and don’t transport that blessing you folks have in this great country,” he said in an interview Friday.

“If the project was held up, the signal would be they have all the opportunities, which everyone dies to have, and they didn’t take advantage of it because they stopped halfway,” he said. “The signal will be: Look at them, they have all that opportunity and they missed it.”

That’s putting things politely; the signal will be they are petty protectionist.


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