The IESO’s perverted perception of public value

The IESO is the organization now tasked with operating Ontario’s electricity schemes.

The lawyer tasked with heading the key engineering infrastructure had the audacity to say this in a recent speech to an industry organization:

You may have heard me speak about the concept of public value in other venues, it is a concept that resonates with me and one that resonates with our employees … it guides what and why we do what we do.

In the former IESO organization, our public value centred around our system and market responsibilities, managing those responsibilities to promote both reliability and efficiency that our customers could count on…

let me give a project example – but a project that I also believe meets my public value objective.

As you will know, we currently operate the smart meter data repository in our role as the Smart Meter Entity for the province of Ontario.


He’s bringing up smart meters and the MDM/R as example of what “resonates with” him.

The IESO’s response to the Auditor General of Ontario’s reporting is to ignore it.Read More »


time-of-use, era-of-sadism: it’s words some in Ontario should conserve

Ontario’s environment commissioner is out with a report on conservation today, and from the press tweets I’ve seen thus far it’s going to cause a brief bonanza of idiocy.

Some realities Ontario reporters should know if they’ve written on the topic for more than a month – particularly if they’re going to write on time-of-use electricity rates.

Canada’s latest National Inventory report submission to the UNFCC showed Ontario with 167,000kt CO2e for 2012 (167 Mt), down 10,000 from 1990. Emissions due to electricity were down more than the total over that time, from 25,500 to 14,500 kt CO2e.


The emissions from electricity (and Heat) generation in Ontario in 2014 were less than half of 2012’s low level: I’d estimate 6,000 kt, although an Ontario Energy Report produced for 2014’s third quarter shows it may be slightly higher.Read More »

Top Five Climate Essays of 2014

A little different topic, but Will Boisvert’s Harmonic Distortion is a notable work from early in 2014:

The Climate Fix

Here is a list of what I am calling my top 5 climate essays of 2014. No doubt there are others that deserve mentioning, but these are the ones that come to mind this morning. These essays are chosen because the stand out to me in some way, which I describe below. All are focused in some way or another on the climate policy debate as it occurs in the public sphere. Were I to pick essays or papers on various aspects of climate science I’d have a different list. In the comments, I welcome suggestions for other essays of 2014 worth reading and remembering.

5. Dan Sarewitz, It’s the End of the World as We Prefer it and I Feel … Stupid.

In his characteristic style, ASU’s Dan Sarewitz explains that the debate on climate change has become intolerant and narrow. Climate change is important, but so too…

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