Ross McKitrick: A cost-benefit analysis of pipeline expansion

I’m usuall compelled by Ross McKitick’s work – but on this one I’m struck by the decay in academic standards demonstrated by the other Professors willing to make the 90 Mt claim.
How many years have diploma factories extended educations through to PhD level grading people on what they think, and not if … let alone how well they think if they do.
These people should be thankful there are Ross McKitricks about to keep academia reputable.

National Post | Full Comment

The National Energy Board (NEB) will begin holding hearings on the proposed $5.4-billion expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline that will move oil from Alberta to the B.C. coast in August. The regulatory agency has allowed a myriad of groups — from labour unions to First Nations — to intervene in, and submit comments regarding, the process. While it is good to have broad consultations, it is important not to let every resource project turn into a referendum on oil sands or climate change.

[np_storybar title=”Donner, Harrison & Hoberg: Let’s talk about climate change” link=””]This week, the National Energy Board (NEB) announced plans for its upcoming hearings on the proposal to triple the capacity of Kinder Morgan’s Transmountain Pipeline, which transports oil from Alberta to the Port of Vancouver. The new pipeline alone is expected to lead to 50% more carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions each year than all of…

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