An academic’s perverting perspective on Germany’s Energy transition

I like the Energy Institute at Haas blog.

I don’t expect it to produce poorly researched and/or deceptive posts, as they’ve done with Maximilan Auffhammer’s Exiting Coal.

Here’s one sample of intellectual dishonesty which will lead nicely into the real world impact of actual economists: Auffhammer states of solar in Germany, “capacity continues to grow – 2014 installed capacity was 113% above that in 2010 suggesting a 21% growth rate p.a.” I suggest this is deliberately misleading: his link shows (on page 7) annual capacity figures, and the data indicates annual growth of:

  • 70% in 2010 (7,378 MW)DEsolarPV
    42% in 2011 (7,485 MW)
    30% in 2012 (7,604 MW)
    10% in 2013 (3,304 MW)
    5% in 2014   (1,899 MW)

An intelligent look at the data betrays the falsehood of Auffhammer’s narrative.

Here’s a better storyline:Read More »