when that grandchild asks me what I did for the planet

Ontario’s Pravda is reporting the head of the province has written, in introducing “the plan”:

“When my grandchildren ask me what we did to help our planet I want to be proud of what we accomplished.”

When that child asks me I’ll be able to say I had a house powered solely on electricity, got me a NEST thermostat, between my wife and I planted hundreds of trees (not evenly divided), we cleaned up the ash bore damage and supplemented electric heat with a high efficiency wood stove, and at times we even grew our own carrots – and then I just might turn around, drop trou and let the sun shine out of my ass.

Should I have my own grandchildren, that won’t likely be my response – particularly as if they ask this question they’ll probably notice the gas stove, and barbeque…

And furnace.

What’s in the plan that makes it the thing wherein Kathleen will catch the conscience of the king grandchild?

One good thing, meaning a policy that matches one I suggested, the plan:

The building code will changed requiring all houses with garages to be built with a 50-amp 240-volt plug for car charging.

I suggested that because it adds little cost to a house, but makes charging plugs ubiquitous to give the impression electric vehicles are the next big thing.

I’ve also suggested electricity distributors charge for service based not on usage, but on the size of the potential draw from the meter – so a house with a larger electrical service (say 200 amp) would pay more for electricity than a house with a smaller service (such as 100 amp). That would allow the electric car charging to be sustainable – which I’d make a policy consideration.

Ontario’s dopey government doesn’t have any suggestions on recouping costs – in fact they suggest free electricity for those cars, huge rebates, tax exclusions and a “cash for clunkers” program. My favourite aspect of the report is that “cash for clunkers” will also include trading up to a used electric vehicle.

Not only are the incentives high, there’s no telling how often they’ll occur with a single vehicle – or how high they’ll be (given free charging policies). The starting point is the incredibly expensive carbon reduction “cash for clunkers” and I haven’t detected anything indicating the plan gets better from there.


Top 10 responses to a grandchild asking, “what did you do to help our planet?”

10. would you like to watch Frozen again, or Sofia the First?

9. stop talk’n, you’re scaring the fish

8. moved it a little – to the right.

7. named a child “Dylan”

6. shrunk it

5. if you don’t shut up and focus you’ll never learn to SHOOT THE F’IN PUCK

4. I consumed less, polluted less, and produced less – now get to work to pay the interests on the huge government debt (which I and my peers built during our less productive than required working years, and own within our pension plans)

3. soccer is called the beautiful game, not the talking game

2. sang a little

1. I gave it your parent, who gave it you.





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