nutter McGuinty attempts to stem criticism of electricity costs

Today the Globe and Mail has posted an article by Ontario’s former Premier, and now seemingly insane, Dalton McGuinty.

Here’s one thing the asshat writes which I can clearly state is a lie:

We also invested more than $21-billion in new generation – including doubling our output from Niagara Falls…

I’ve demonstrate in a couple of articles, most recently in A line and the race for expensive electricity, generation hasn’t significantly increased at the Niagara Falls generating station since the McGuinty era boring project completed.


Not only are the results of McGuinty’s bore imperceptible, OPG’s most recent quarterly report indicated 1.9 terawatt-hours (TWh) of curtailed hydro supply in the first 9 months of 2015. In green measures I think that would be reported as enough to power 200,000 homes for a year.

In January 29, 2011 I wrote McGuinty Thinks This is Fun? If you are suffering through Ontario’s rate increases today, or studying them from afar, it’s worth the 2 minutes to listen to the former Premier 58.5 months ago:


Here’s a fact related to “ebb and flow” McGuinty’s, “I haven’t seen, written yet, that we’ve been paid to take Michigan electricity.”  


I started tracking intertie imports and exports in April 2011 and have recorded 3 hours where Ontario was a net importer from Michigan while the Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) was negative; the last was hour 22 of March 20, 2012. The total value of all hours of net import from Michigan during negative HOEP hours is $5,690.

That’s your ebb.

The flow: Ontario was net exporting to Michigan during 2,258 hours over the same time. The HOEP value of those net exports is $17,858,107.

That flow has more and more feeling like they are under water. The same publication posting McGuinty’s nonsense has an article by lobbyist Adam White:

Our manufacturers are currently paying excessively high electricity rates for power the system doesn’t need; this surplus energy is then sold to our competitors in neighbouring jurisdictions (Quebec, New York, Michigan, Illinois) for a heavily discounted price. The math just doesn’t make sense.

No, it doesn’t. Unfortunately the class A scheme Mr. White notes in his piece depended on low market prices – which depends on excess supply.

Parker Gallant and I told all what was coming was back in 2011’s Power Dumping. Rates are very high now because of this truism:

that which must happen, does

In 2011’s McGuinty Thinks This is Fun?  I wrote:

Mr. McGuinty is the person in the province most entitled to his opinion.  He was elected for it to be relevant.
But nobody is ever entitled to their own facts.

The facts are now Mr. McGuinty is no longer elected and in fact left office due to outrage over his handling of electricity matters.

Nobody is now less entitled to an opinion than McGuinty.

The Globe certainly shouldn’t print anything by the man without fact-checking it for a month or two first.


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