record wind: what would the IESO say

Onshore and offshore wind turbines fed an all-time record of 32.6GW into the German grid on Wednesday, according to transmission operator TenneT said.

The high output forced transmission system operators to apply costly measures in order to stabilise the grid.

Since 9 November, TSOs have had to curtail 300MW of wind capacity and call up a daily amount between 200MW and 2.2GW of Germany’s winter reserve capacity to stabilise the grid.

The report on Germany, based on information from its “transmission operator” might have a related report in Ontario, which may have had record wind output recently except for the curtailments of a lot more than Germany’s 300MW.

Data from Ontario’s IESO indicates record wind ouptut of 3,297 megawatts for hour 16 of October 19th.

Other data indicates that earlier on the 19th, approximated 2,310 megawatts of wind was being curtailed (in hour 3).

My reporting for the day estimates over 26,000 megawatts of potential generation from contracted transmission-connected industrial wind turbines was curtailed on the 19th.

I estimate in Ontario on the 19th almost 1 in 4 megawatts of deemed or actual generation was curtailed or dumped at essentially no cost on export markets.

Germany’s Tennet communicated about the challenges and costs of high wind output there.

Ontario’s IESO communicated nothing.





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