Nuclear energy development news roundup for 11/9/15

Proposed Xe-100 pebble-bed nuclear reactor is designed for an abundant target market

Neutron Bytes

X-Energy’s Xe-100 pebble-bed nuclear reactor would be a technically and economically viable option to expand or replace an existing coal-fired plant, a joint study by X-Energy and South Carolina Electric and Gas has concluded. The results are part of a X-energy and South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. (SCE&G) joint study to examine the technical and economic feasibility of siting an Xe-100 pebble-bed nuclear reactor at a representative site within the SCE&G franchise territory

Key findings from the study include the ability of the small-scale high-temperature reactor to load-follow with a variable output as low as 25% power, while its small site requirement would enable it to be sited on existing facilities and use existing infrastructure.

The Xe-100 enables a utility to bring its fleet in line with state and federal greenhouse gas mandates with minimal disruption to its existing network, and the small-scale Xe-100 plant allows for smaller upfront…

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