Tom Adams’ unFIT is a worthwhile read.

I’m spoiling the ending by quoting it – and adding a graphic.

The government’s decision to reign in the solar scammers appears to indicate some level of recognition of the drastic impact on consumers of adding junk generation costing at wholesale multiples above the cost of delivered commodity power.


From the beginning, the purpose of the FIT program was to use electricity ratepayer dollars to buy constituencies supportive of the Liberal government’s agenda. Recent FIT program changes indicate that the Liberals have shifted their friend-buying intentions away from solar interests to new constituencies. These include various conservation authorities who are candidates for a lot of the small hydro development opportunities left in Ontario like this and municipalities that can host landfill gas generators. The saving grace for consumers about small hydro and landfill gas is that the damage of the outrageous FIT prices is limited to a few hundred potential MW.

When the time comes to clean up Ontario’s electricity mess, one useful step will be the cancellation of FIT contracts held by government entities. Hospitals, schools, police stations, conservation authorities, public arenas and other government operations have no business being in the power generation business. Their duties to serve the public interest, whether to heal the sick, educate the young, enforce the law, protect low lying properties from flooding, or provide sporting opportunities do not include a mandate to promote harm to energy consumers.

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Ontario’s soaring hydro bills offset conservation efforts and hurt conservers most: study

Soaring hydro costs are offsetting ratepayer conservation efforts and hurting conservers most, according to a new joint study by the Consumer Policy Institute and Energy Probe.

Brady Yauch has a new study out, and his work is both worth reading and very readable.

I won’t comment too much on the study, which shows it’s very hard to conceive of anybody capable of saving money on electricity; rather, Yauch’s inclusion of a figure illustrating “Regulated Natural Gas Rates in Ontario” inspired me to gather some statistics and  create a chart showing the trend, or lack of one, in natural gas pricing in Ontario along with the very discernible trend in electricity commodity pricing:


Yauch’s work makes an argument that one can’t save money on electricity bills in Ontario by conserving electricity – an argument I probably needed to hear 5 years ago – but how about by substituting electricity with another energy source?

Converting the figures from the above graphic to a common unit (megajoules):Read More »