This Week: Idiots in Training

The government issued a news release on Thursday, as Hydro One was being sold, about it’s next great idea.

Ontario has appointed the Honourable David Collenette as a special advisor to assist the province in bringing high-speed rail to the Windsor, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Toronto corridor…

High-speed rail will improve travel options, reduce travel times and support economic development throughout the southwest corridor and across the province. It will also provide an opportunity to explore new partnerships between business and government, as well as new technologies.

Serving in the 3 consecutive mandates of the Chretien years, Mr. Collenette has experience in passing Clarity Act.

I can’t think of other definite achievements of those governments, but signing of the Kyoto accord to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, but then increasing them instead, was really quite something.

Presumably this high-speed rail “corridor” goes from Toronto to Windsor.

The last time I was in Toronto’s Undone Station (its main train station) was two years ago. The experience was such that I’m unlikely to return.

I am from Mississauga, so I’ll try to think of the corridor as running from Mississauga to Windsor.

Being from Mississauga, I’m pretty sure not many there are looking to go to Windsor.


Being from Mississauga, I’m extremely confident not many from anywhere else in the province want to go to Mississauga.

The extraordinarily ridiculous thing is the belligerent ignorance, and/or outright cowardice, in considering this route a priority.

There is a route that not having trains on is “absolute stupidity,” according to my favourite Mississaugan and Vacliv Smil – who concluded a recent lecture at McGill with some words on the Ottawa-Toronto-Montreal “corridor” (section starts at 1:07:39)


The Office of the Premier of Ontario is prioritizing a stupid project over a blatantly obvious one because why?


Government’s have sunk a lot of money into Pearson International Airport. Heck, just this summer a ghost train started between Undone and Toronto’s err port. The f’ UP express costs only $27.50 for the 1-way ticket that I expect most leaving Undone would desire. It is possible the Wynne government could deliver a train service from Undone to Windsor’s train station, but the f’UP indicates the cost would be around $647.


and you end up in Windsor

or Toronto.

Seriously, if Ontario was committed to accomplishing something other than posturing on emissions it would be looking at train routes to displace air traffic. I suspect the 401 corridor is heavily traveled, but it’s greatest value is freight and I doubt freight will pay to shave off a little time on Wynne’s high-spend train. In addition, a route across provincial borders should pull in huge amounts of federal government financing from the newly elected, aka green, Trudeau government.

Governments have even been known to give money to Bombardier – like on this past Thursday, for instance. Of course Thursday was for planes.

Bombardier also do streetcars.


This week Toronto announced they’d sue Bombardier over delivery times being missed on a streetcar order. I wouldn’t think this is an idle threat. If there’s one thing Toronto can do it’s lawyer’n.

Fortunately, that’s an iffy if.

Let’s build the best high speed route first – the one people would use.

The Wynne government wants to promise to piss money away outside of its Toronto base prior to the next election – while actually pissing money away within its Toronto immediately. Collenette seems like a good choice for pretending to plan something, but it might be more useful politically to plan to spend on something more sensible in Windsor.

Like a new Windsor International Airport.

It’s already got the casino, so it would be just like Vegas if it had an improved airport.

It doesn’t have to be a spectacular airport like Toronto attempts – it could be something relatively simple yet functional.

Like Buffalo’s airport.

That’s a fine airport.

I oughtta know.

I’m from Mississauga

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