Polling demonstrates communication challenges re: energy, emissions and environment

Slides showing interesting polling, delivered to an audience at last week’s Ontario Energy Association (OEA) gathering: Ontario Energy Polling Presentation by Campaign Research (Nick Kouvalis, Principal)

Not to focus on the negative, but I was surprised people would be asked if revenues from pricing carbon should be used to subsidize consumption of carbon.

1/3rd of people seemed to think that was exactly what should happen (although separating “gas bills” from “electricity bills” may have added back some sanity):


oy veh

Polling shows both that nuclear supporters, like me, have a lot of work to do whereas the natural gas industry has created an image more positive than biomass – that might be partially due to the government and Ontario Power Authority referring to natural gas-fired power plants as “clean” during the coal phase-out years:


And the last slide I’ll reference surprised me – but probably shouldn’t have: it shows support for importing power greatest among supporters of the Progressive Conservative Party.



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