The Mississauga rattler power plant

The Independent (Petrolia and Lambton) this week printed, on its front page,a report on workers concerns about constructing what is now called the Green Electron Power Plant. Skilled trades have not been on the site in recent weeks; a site “the Ministry of Labour has issued nearly 200 work orders …for safety violations.”

[union leader] Cataford says the Ministry of Labour should stay at the Oil Springs Line site to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“I think they should be here every day,” he says adding, “they (the owners) need direction obviously. If you give them direction and leave, they just head it in the other direction.”

green electron

Some clips from the media release announcing the contracting of the natural gas-fired power plant, originally as the Greenfield South Power plant to be constructed in Mississauga, on May 30, 2005:

…Greenfield South Power Project, 280 megawatts, Mississauga (Loreland Avenue, south of Mattawa Avenue) The contract structure shifts construction and operational efficiency risks to the successful proponents, ensuring that they will only be paid if they meet stringent performance terms…

“In the past, all of the risks of building and operating new generating facilities in Ontario were ultimately borne by either ratepayers or taxpayers,” Duncan [then Minister of Energy] added. “I am delighted with the value-for-money that Ontario ratepayers will realize as a result of this highly-competitive tendering process.”

There’s been ratepayer risk

taxpayer risk

and, physically, worker risk.


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