Parker Gallant: Maximizing the mess with Ontario’s electricity assets

Financial Post | Business

Hydro One paid $93-million for Norfolk Power, about 28.5 times profits. That’s pure insanity

Ontario’s electricity sector is in rough shape, burdened with escalating costs and an interfering government. Not much change or improvement is likely if the government takes up the schemes promoted last week in a speech by Ed Clark, the former CEO of TD Bank who now heads the province’s “Advisory Council on Government Assets.” The objective of the council is to look at three current government monopolies so as to “maximize the value to the people of Ontario.”

We’ll leave Mr. Clark’s comments on the liquor business to others. When it comes to the two electricity monopolies – Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One – Mr. Clark and his council’s proposals seem destined to maximize the mess rather than the value of Ontario’s power sector.

On OPG, the $39-billion asset company that owns gas, hydro and…

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