Mainstream stupidity on the rebound

The rebound effect – or Jevon’s paradox – is probably a fringe interest, which is unfortunate in that few will appreciate just how asinine Time magazine senior national correspondent Michael Grunwald’s tweet is.


The once again prolific David Roberts doesn’t do well here either, but his “silly” tweet can be useful as a reminder to work on communication skills – although Grunwald is probably representative that if a man is white and can look serious, deliberate stupidity is very much an option regardless of the quality of communication that conflicts with their “good” understanding.

Jesse Jenkins does well in sticking to his point.

If you’re interested in the point, Lloyd Alter in Treehugger gives a quick entertaining summary here, and Alex Trembath’s IEA Acknowledges Rebound Effects discusses the increased recognition of the effect and its policy implications.

I wrote this realizing 95% won’t be interested and/or will be misconstruing the message.



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