Greener than a sack of hammers

I saw this tweet from Cherise Burda – the Ontario director of the Pembina Institute

It’s one of those statements that looks intelligent if it comes from somebody who is presentable as being intelligent.

It isn’t.

The “Provincial Gas Tax” is shown as 14.3 cents per litre in both pies, and there is no indication in the tweet, pies, or reality, that the carbon content of a litre of gasoline has changed. Burda’s description of that as a “REVERSE CARBON TAX” is dumber than her understanding of when a capital letter is appropriate.

This is why I am hesitant on a carbon taxation; the most vocal proponents don’t speak intelligently on the topic, and they aren’t looking for a tool that will allow markets to find carbon mitigation measures – they are usually looking for a revenue tool to carry on their pet idiocy.



I don’t see any substantial changes since I wrote A tool to heal, a tool to steal




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