Robin Sears: Why does Andrea Horwath enrage some New Democrats so?

Robin Sears, described as “s an NDP party strategist for 20 years,” managed to get a good commentary onto the pages of the Toronto Star.  I found a couple of things interesting in Why does Andrea Horwath enrage some New Democrats so?

Ontario elites have long misread their citizens’ anger. It elected Bob Rae, Mike Harris and Rob Ford. The ineptitude of Howard Hampton, Ernie Eves and Tim Hudak gave McGuinty a pass for years. Now Hudak has learned the importance of authenticity and sounds more like a leader. Andrea Horwath is offering a powerful — yes, populist — vision tempered by reality and not fiscal fantasy.
Meanwhile, Ontario has recaptured the most shameful crown it has ever worn — we are the most dependent sub-national government in the world — on the cruel demands of global bond traders. We will soon pay them more of every tax dollar than any state or province on earth!
The last time we so completely sold our future to bond-holders it gave birth to the angriest right-wing government Ontario has ever seen. Voters are angry again. They have not yet decided whom to punish. One thing seems clear. It is not likely to be the leader whom their hated elites so enthusiastically bash.

Here, here.

I may be fond of Sears’ column because it includes:

She pledges repeatedly that she will be guided by the experience of NDP governments in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and their experience over more than half a century leading the most fiscally disciplined governments in Canada.

That agrees with what I wrote previous to the last provincial election:

My advice to the NDP would have been to maintain the national brand that has aided it’s success federally, and in provinces from Nova Scotia to Manitoba – in fact I’d have the phrase ‘like Manitoba’s long-term NDP government’ worked into as many sentences as possible. I would not have talked of nuclear as ‘dangerous’, putting the public generator, one that advocates for nuclear internationally, in charge of procuring wind supply, and then talking of bike policy as if the Premier of Ontario should act like the Mayor of Pleasantville.

Both Hudak and Horwath are running campaigns in 2014 much closer to what I felt they should have run in 2011 – which may be a good sign for the wretched Kathleen Wynne, but I doubt it.

The break in the NDP party should have been obvious before the Jurassic’s wrote a letter – I had to google “Peter Tabuns” the other day to see if he was even running again, which was plenty of evidence to show Horwath was setting the pursuit of power above the maintenance of a happy NDP family.


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