Aldyen Donnelly: The indispensable report

This old post by Aldyen Donnelly informs on the foolishness of regressive energy taxation… a lesson ignored in Ontario.

From the cited post by Aldyen Donnelly, the “Energy Consumption Taxes” line should be a textbook example of regressive taxation

Two articles from 2011 were referenced by Edward Keenan on Twitter (to which I responded), one directly, by Stephen Gordon (McGill), and the second is an earlier article by Mike Moffat (Western), which I presume is The ’99 per cent’ don’t really want to fix inequality.

Nowhere are “energy consumption taxes” shown to be progressive, by any coherent usage of the term.  That doesn’t, in itself, make the taxes a bad idea, but Aldyen Donnelly has a strong argument that data does shows taxing this necessity to be a counter-productive action.

Energy Probe

(May 18, 2011) I attach a copy of one of a series of Xcel workbooks that, since 1999, the UK Treasury publishes as part of a set of “Pre-Budget” documents.  It shows the estimated impact of all government taxes and transfers/benefits (cash and in-kind) on working families, by income decile.  The Treasury also publishes a similar analysis for retired and not working families, and a workbook that combines all families.

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