Ex-Liberal finance minister warned his party that deep spending cuts are needed to balance Ontario budget

“Ontario is faced with a staggering debt” Dwight Duncan recently said.
Yesterday PC leader Tim Hudak caused a campaign stir in claiming he’d get 100,000 people off the public payroll. Simple math: 100,000 at $100,000/yr = $10 billion, which is less than the year’s deficit.
If people aren’t cut, what would be cut?

National Post | News


The week before Charles Sousa tabled the Ontario budget that failed to pass, triggering a provincial election, the man who preceded him as Ontario Finance Minister came to Queen’s Park with a warning.

“Ontario is faced with a staggering debt,” Dwight Duncan said, and he called for public services to be contracted out. Government, he said, would have to “fundamentally re-evaluate its role.”

It didn’t escape notice that his warning was akin to a Kardashian tut-tutting someone about overexposure: Ontario’s debt rose from $154-billion to $281-billion during Mr. Duncan’s own time as Finance Minister. But he had warned about debt issues, he said, before he left office.

That much is true. Seemingly emboldened by the fact that it wasn’t his problem to solve anymore, Mr. Duncan went on an anti-debt crusade in his last months at the legislature. Given the province’s debt levels, he said in January, 2013, low…

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