Bonfire of insanity

“How to do something that actually makes sense, economically and for the environment, is becoming increasingly challenging in the face of government regulations and incentives.”
David Rose reported on the continually unfolding biomass debacle this weekend with “The bonfire of insanity…” and Judith Curry’s commentary here is particularly relevant as it comes from the U.S. southeast – although no commentary on the topic should omit noting Will Boisvert’s “Harmonic Destruction: How Greens Justify Bioenergy’s Assault on Nature

Curry’s commentary on Southern Company idling coal plants is also very important – and all ties into my Cold Air Currents post yesterday on bioenergy and CCS.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

Biomass pellets transported from North Carolina, U.S. are shipped 3800 miles to the UK and burned in Drax power station.  Drax is switching to pellets as it is deemed ‘carbon neutral’,  even though it belches out more CO2 than coal.  – from David Rose

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