Breathing easier now?

Good First Monday opinon piece from Chris Cooke

Thanks Kathleen, I’m Breathing Easier Now

So, here is how this works. The huge scrubber worth about a billion dollars towers over the idled Lambton Generating Station. Nothing is coming out of it because the generating station took its last coal in September and premier Kathleen Wynne would like me to believe that I can now breathe easier.It’s a Sunday and I’m northbound between Wallaceburg and Sarnia. In the distance the billion – dollar scrubber can barely be seen. The crap coming out of Detroit Edison’s Belle River power plants at Marysville, Michigan is obliterating it. They don’t have scrubbers and by the emissions on this Sunday I question whether they are even using low sulphur coal. I can assure the premier I’m not breathing easier.

via Column | First Monday.

Another article from the same site reports on Sarnia mayor Mike Bradley and why he says the Green Energy Act has been a disaster: Green Energy “Disaster” Stumbling Block to Chemical Valley Expansion


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